In the studio – a legend at work

We are very pleased and honored to have Ketil “Kællen” Johansen working with us on our demo recordings.

Ketil “Kællen” Johansen is a widely respected pioneer in the Norwegian extreme metal scene. He produced and engineered some of the classics from the early days of Norwegian metal. (By the way his nickname “Kællen” is a local slang expression – and it means “The Man” or something along those lines).

Here you can see a few photos of Ketil “Kællen” and Lieberknecht editing the drum tracks for some of the BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD demo songs.

IMG_1464 IMG_1466 IMG_1473

“Kællen” has his own facebook fan page too – and if anyone deserves one of those – it is surely him. We are grateful for having him on our team!

See link below for the official fansite – and make sure to click the “like” button:ællen-Johansen-271806939544762/info/?tab=page_info

See also link to Metal Archives. Here you can read about the releases “Kællen” has worked on over the years.

And finally, below you can read some stories about “Kællen” from the media (Norwegian only)


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