Biography – Black Sun Brotherhood

BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD is an extreme metal band from Sarpsborg, Norway. The band started in 2013 and features musicians with long involvement in the Norwegian music scene and the metal underground in particular. The band members have previously been involved with metal acts such as THE HELHEIM SOCIETY, DEATHSEEKER, TYR and THYABHORRENT and are central in rock/progressive/experimental music groups like SCHÆFER, KVAZAR and VENDETTA BLITZ and more.

The trio is currently working on its debut album entitled “BETWEEN GOD & BEAST”. Three songs are now released in demo versions via Soundcloud, while the band is discussing the albums future release and distribution with different record labels. The band is also preparing for live performances, both in Norway and abroad. The working process is rather old school and “do-it-yourself”, but this approach is ideal for the band, and things are progressing very well.

The band is driven by an urge to create authentic, intense and raw music, and they are now on a mission to spread their black magic made music all over the world. Naturally, they also plan on getting ridiculously rich, famous and laid en masse in the process.

Metal magazines, record companies, bloggers, bookers, radio stations, journalists, perverts, freaks, geeks and distributors should all get in touch! Help spread the gospel of the black sun and revel in the dark light!

BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD is: Dr. Doom – bass & vocals | Lieberknecht – drums | Knegg – guitars

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