Some lyrics – part 1

Banzai motherfuckers!

Here is some background on the lyrics for the 3 demo songs we have out on Soundcloud.

We shamelessly stole the lyrics for the first song, “Vengeance is mine”, from The Bible. Why the fuck not? The lines in the song are taken from Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 32.

This really is an awesome text. Here God clearly shows his true colors; he is a total sadistic psychopath! Make no mistake people; God will let his vengeance rain down on you all – just like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah (You are FUCKED!!!). So anyway, here are the actual lyrics:


A fire has been kindled by my wrath

One that burns to the realm of death below

It will devour the earth and its harvest

And set afire the foundations of the mountains

Vengeance is mine – Vengeance! Vengeance is mine


Their wine is the gall of dragons

The cruel venom of serpents

I will render vengeance on my adversaries

And I will repay those who hate me

Vengeance is mine – Vengeance! Vengeance is mine


If I sharpen my flashing sword

And my hand takes hold on justice

I will make my arrows drunk with blood

And my sword will devour their flesh

Vengeance is mine – Vengeance! Vengeance is mine

Below you can see the famous artwork of Albrecht Dürer. It shows the avenging angels of God sent down from heaven to kick your bony ass!


Ok, so the next song on Soundcloud is called “Leviathan”. We actually stole the lyrics for that song from the Bible too! Anyway, the text is taken from Book of Job, chapter 41 & Book of revelation, chapter 20:2.


I will not fail to speak of Leviathan’s limbs

Its strength and its graceful form

Who dares open the doors of its mouth

Ringed about with fearsome teeth


Strength resides in its neck

Dismay goes before it

When it rises up the mighty are terrified

They retreat before its thrashing

Nothing on earth is its equal

A creature without fear

It looks down on all that are haughty

He is king over all the sons of pride


Bound for a thousand years

Leviathan – open wide the Hellmouth

Crown Prince of the Abyss

Leviathan – Dragon unbound


Ok, so below you can see a famous artistic rendition of God fighting Leviathan. Again, God is acting like a complete maniac; cruel even to the animals he claims to have created.


Finally, the third song we have published so far is called “Witches Sabbath”. The lyrics for this song were inspired by the writings of the English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare. The text draws largely from «The Witches Sabbath» from Ethos.


Almighty Asmodeus – Existant of chaos

Ominous be your name


Your kingdom come on earth

Lead me into all temptations of my flesh

So I may trespass greatly

Into your ways by my desires


Almighty Asmodeus – Prince of lechery

King of all demons


For you are all sex-seeking unity

You mighty genitalia of creation

That knows of no satiation

And we evoke you!


Fornicatus Benefictus!

Almighty Asmodeus!


Almighty Asmodeus – Demon of lust

King of nine Hells 


Grant you my wish

For you are power and ecstasy!

Power, ecstasy and actuality!

And we evoke you!


Fornicatus Benefictus!

Alpha – Omega – Amen!

Fornicatus Benefictus!

Almighty Asmodeus!

Fuck yeah baby! That’s all for now! Below you can see some ancient artwork depicting parts of the actual Sabbath. The Witches are clearly having a blast kissing Satan’s ass! This is presumably what passed for porn in the medieval period. Ok, have a great fucking day people!!!



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