Live at St. Croix in Fredrikstad

We had a total fucking blast playing live in Fredrikstad on february 18 – 2017. It was our first concert ever with Black Sun Brotherhood and it went extremely well. The turnout was very good and the crowd was awesome! Big thanks goes out to EXECRATION, BLODSTRUPMOEN, all crew members at St. Croix Huset and all you freaks and maniacs in the audience!

BLODSTRUPMOEN is really turning into a great live band, and EXECRATION delivered an absolutely bone-crushing set – once again really proving they are among the very elite of Norwegian extreme metal bands.

All in all it was a great fucking night and we look forward to more gigs in the future. Special thanks to Sol Jasmine Lieberknecht for taking these cool photos during our set.


Our first gig coming up!

We are playing our first concert ever with the mighty EXECRATION and the deadly dudes of BLODSTRUPMOEN at St. Croix huset in Fredrikstad on february 18 – 2017. This event will kick some serious ass, and we really hope to see you all there!!!

Below you can see the poster for the gig/event. Its called “Sort Messe” – or Black Mass.


You should check out the other bands too – they are both killer acts! Execration won “Spellemansprisen” (kind of like the Norwegian Grammys) for 2014 for their superb album “Morbid Dimensions”. Blodstrupmoen is getting great reviews for their debut album these days too. Check them out – here are some links for you:

Anyway, we find a Black Mass very appropriate these days, since the Americans recently voted the Antichrist into The White House. And the great beast is running wild these days too!