New demo song – with a special guest!

All hail!

We have a new demo song out on Soundcloud – DEATH OF A SUN!

There is a very special guest appearance with us on this version of the song; Stian “Occultus” Johansen is featured on backing vocals!

Check it out here:


“Occultus” was vocalist and bassist for the legendary black metal band Mayhem, back in 1991 after the suicide of Dead (Per Yngve Ohlin).

“Occultus” has also been in many other bands: Con Anima, Shadow Dancers, Thyabhorrent, Einar Grimm Group, Pussycunts, Perdition Hearse, and Soul Transition.

Below you can see the dude laying down some vocals for us. Big thanks goes out to “Occultus” for joining us on this session!



Also, the mixing and mastering of this track was done by our comrade Kjell Martin Roll! Thanks for your good work Kjell!

Here are the lyrics for the song too!



TYRANT of Man! Imperious Fate!
I bow before your dread decree;
Nor do I hope in this uncertain state
To find a seat secure from thee.

Life is a dark, tumultuous stream,
With many a care and sorrow foul;
Yet thoughtless mortals vainly deem
That it can yield a limpid bowl.

Think not that stream will backward flow,
Or cease its destined course to keep;
As soon the blazing spark shall glow
Beneath the surface of the deep.

Believe not Fate, at your command,
Will grant a meed she never gave;
As soon the airy tower shall stand
That’s built upon a passing wave.

Life is a sleep of threescore years;
Death bids us wake and hail the light;
And man, with all his hopes and fears,
Is but a phantom of the night.