Concert coming up January 27, 2018

Hail freaks and geeks!

We are playing live on January 27th 2018 @ St. Croix huset in Fredrikstad with Norways’ true death metal masters DISKORD and and the mad cool punk rockers of RISE OF THE PHOENIX! Be there or be a total WANKER!!



At the Bölzer/Obliteration gig in Oslo

All hail!

It was mad cool to check out Bölzer and Obliteration in Oslo last night. Obliteration did a phenomenally evil set, and Bölzer just fucking crushed it.


It was a killer gig all in all – and the Bölzer dudes seemed like very cool guys indeed. Check out their new album, “Hero”, it is a very powerful release!


Dr. Doom with the dudes of Bölzer: KzR & HzR

New demo song – with a special guest!

All hail!

We have a new demo song out on Soundcloud – DEATH OF A SUN!

There is a very special guest appearance with us on this version of the song; Stian “Occultus” Johansen is featured on backing vocals!

Check it out here:


“Occultus” was vocalist and bassist for the legendary black metal band Mayhem, back in 1991 after the suicide of Dead (Per Yngve Ohlin).

“Occultus” has also been in many other bands: Con Anima, Shadow Dancers, Thyabhorrent, Einar Grimm Group, Pussycunts, Perdition Hearse, and Soul Transition.

Below you can see the dude laying down some vocals for us. Big thanks goes out to “Occultus” for joining us on this session!



Also, the mixing and mastering of this track was done by our comrade Kjell Martin Roll! Thanks for your good work Kjell!

Here are the lyrics for the song too!



TYRANT of Man! Imperious Fate!
I bow before your dread decree;
Nor do I hope in this uncertain state
To find a seat secure from thee.

Life is a dark, tumultuous stream,
With many a care and sorrow foul;
Yet thoughtless mortals vainly deem
That it can yield a limpid bowl.

Think not that stream will backward flow,
Or cease its destined course to keep;
As soon the blazing spark shall glow
Beneath the surface of the deep.

Believe not Fate, at your command,
Will grant a meed she never gave;
As soon the airy tower shall stand
That’s built upon a passing wave.

Life is a sleep of threescore years;
Death bids us wake and hail the light;
And man, with all his hopes and fears,
Is but a phantom of the night.

Live at St. Croix in Fredrikstad

We had a total fucking blast playing live in Fredrikstad on february 18 – 2017. It was our first concert ever with Black Sun Brotherhood and it went extremely well. The turnout was very good and the crowd was awesome! Big thanks goes out to EXECRATION, BLODSTRUPMOEN, all crew members at St. Croix Huset and all you freaks and maniacs in the audience!

BLODSTRUPMOEN is really turning into a great live band, and EXECRATION delivered an absolutely bone-crushing set – once again really proving they are among the very elite of Norwegian extreme metal bands.

All in all it was a great fucking night and we look forward to more gigs in the future. Special thanks to Sol Jasmine Lieberknecht for taking these cool photos during our set.

Our first gig coming up!

We are playing our first concert ever with the mighty EXECRATION and the deadly dudes of BLODSTRUPMOEN at St. Croix huset in Fredrikstad on february 18 – 2017. This event will kick some serious ass, and we really hope to see you all there!!!

Below you can see the poster for the gig/event. Its called “Sort Messe” – or Black Mass.


You should check out the other bands too – they are both killer acts! Execration won “Spellemansprisen” (kind of like the Norwegian Grammys) for 2014 for their superb album “Morbid Dimensions”. Blodstrupmoen is getting great reviews for their debut album these days too. Check them out – here are some links for you:

Anyway, we find a Black Mass very appropriate these days, since the Americans recently voted the Antichrist into The White House. And the great beast is running wild these days too!


At the “Blackhearts” screening

We went to check out the new “BLACKHEARTS” documentary at the Nordic/Docs documentary film festival in Fredrikstad the other week. The documentary shows the great impact Norwegian Black Metal has had on fans and musicians all over the world.

It was a cool evening. We met up with Sina Winter who is one of the musicians portrayed in the film, and Christian Falch who produced and co-directed the documentary. Also, Stian Occultus joined in – and he is a bit of a pioneer in the Norwegian Metal scene. Stian Occultus started the legendary HELVETE record shop together with Øystein «Euronymous» Aarseth of Mayhem back in 1991, and this store quickly became a focal point for the extreme metal scene in Norway.

IMG_2835 (002)

From left to right: Stian Occultus (ex Mayhem/ThyAbhorrent), Christian Falch (co-director and producer of “Blackhearts”), Sina Winter (From The Wasteland) & Dr. Doom (Black Sun Brotherhood).

Its a pretty cool documentary – check out the trailer below! And if you get a chance – check out the full flick too – it’s worth it folks!


Some lyrics – part 1

Banzai motherfuckers!

Here is some background on the lyrics for the 3 demo songs we have out on Soundcloud.

We shamelessly stole the lyrics for the first song, “Vengeance is mine”, from The Bible. Why the fuck not? The lines in the song are taken from Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 32.

This really is an awesome text. Here God clearly shows his true colors; he is a total sadistic psychopath! Make no mistake people; God will let his vengeance rain down on you all – just like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah (You are FUCKED!!!). So anyway, here are the actual lyrics:


A fire has been kindled by my wrath

One that burns to the realm of death below

It will devour the earth and its harvest

And set afire the foundations of the mountains

Vengeance is mine – Vengeance! Vengeance is mine


Their wine is the gall of dragons

The cruel venom of serpents

I will render vengeance on my adversaries

And I will repay those who hate me

Vengeance is mine – Vengeance! Vengeance is mine


If I sharpen my flashing sword

And my hand takes hold on justice

I will make my arrows drunk with blood

And my sword will devour their flesh

Vengeance is mine – Vengeance! Vengeance is mine

Below you can see the famous artwork of Albrecht Dürer. It shows the avenging angels of God sent down from heaven to kick your bony ass!


Ok, so the next song on Soundcloud is called “Leviathan”. We actually stole the lyrics for that song from the Bible too! Anyway, the text is taken from Book of Job, chapter 41 & Book of revelation, chapter 20:2.


I will not fail to speak of Leviathan’s limbs

Its strength and its graceful form

Who dares open the doors of its mouth

Ringed about with fearsome teeth


Strength resides in its neck

Dismay goes before it

When it rises up the mighty are terrified

They retreat before its thrashing

Nothing on earth is its equal

A creature without fear

It looks down on all that are haughty

He is king over all the sons of pride


Bound for a thousand years

Leviathan – open wide the Hellmouth

Crown Prince of the Abyss

Leviathan – Dragon unbound


Ok, so below you can see a famous artistic rendition of God fighting Leviathan. Again, God is acting like a complete maniac; cruel even to the animals he claims to have created.


Finally, the third song we have published so far is called “Witches Sabbath”. The lyrics for this song were inspired by the writings of the English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare. The text draws largely from «The Witches Sabbath» from Ethos.


Almighty Asmodeus – Existant of chaos

Ominous be your name


Your kingdom come on earth

Lead me into all temptations of my flesh

So I may trespass greatly

Into your ways by my desires


Almighty Asmodeus – Prince of lechery

King of all demons


For you are all sex-seeking unity

You mighty genitalia of creation

That knows of no satiation

And we evoke you!


Fornicatus Benefictus!

Almighty Asmodeus!


Almighty Asmodeus – Demon of lust

King of nine Hells 


Grant you my wish

For you are power and ecstasy!

Power, ecstasy and actuality!

And we evoke you!


Fornicatus Benefictus!

Alpha – Omega – Amen!

Fornicatus Benefictus!

Almighty Asmodeus!

Fuck yeah baby! That’s all for now! Below you can see some ancient artwork depicting parts of the actual Sabbath. The Witches are clearly having a blast kissing Satan’s ass! This is presumably what passed for porn in the medieval period. Ok, have a great fucking day people!!!


Band photos

Here are some recent band photos! Big thanks goes out to Mr. Lars Andresen for shooting them – much appreciated! (Lars rules!!!).


Fuck yeah! Here is another one:


BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD is: Dr. Doom – bass & vocals | Lieberknecht – drums | Knegg – guitars